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REI Welcomes David Goslin

REI Welcomes David Goslin

WAUSAU – REI Engineering, Inc. (REI) has welcomed a new member to its team of professionals.  David Goslin, Land Surveying Technician, joins REI’s Construction Team.

Mr. Goslin’s primary responsibilities include searching legal records, survey records, and land titles, perform project specific field work, verify the accuracy of collected survey data, calculate heights/depths/relative positions/property lines/etc., determine positions/shapes/elevations of topographic features, prepare/maintain sketches/maps/reports/legal descriptions, direct/conduct surveys to establish legal property boundaries, prepare/supervise preparation of data/plots/maps/records/docs, write legal descriptions of property boundary surveys, establish fixed points for maps/geodetic and engineering instruments, use total stations/satellite-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS), calibrate/adjust surveying instruments to maintain their accuracy, coordinate with the work of engineers/architects/clients/others, train assistants and helpers and direct their survey/drafting work. Mr. Goslin earned an Associate Degree in Land Surveying from Nicolet Technical College in 1992. He was a member of the WSLS and represented the central chapter for two years. For 18 years Dave gained his experience and knowledge at Wisconsin Valley Surveyors from 1992 until 2010 performing all duties associated with the land surveying profession.

REI Engineering provides dynamic solutions to meet the Civil/Survey and Environmental/Safety needs of our business partners.  Recognized as a team of innovative and inspired professionals, REI is committed to exceeding client expectations through quick responsiveness and exceptional customer service.  Our goal is to be our clients’ choice, first… and always!  Visit our updated website at

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